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Results-Oriented Recruiting.

Our Process

What differentiates us from other firms is our focus on results. We recruit the best talent for our clients based on their culture and specific needs. Our results-oriented approach and time-tested process means we can deliver top talent quickly and efficiently. The strongest candidates are rarely looking to make a change. Job boards alone are ineffective at pinpointing top talent. We use a targeted approach, directly recruiting highly-qualified individuals from your top competitors.


Every employee hired is an investment in the success of your organization. Bradford D. Smart, author of TopGrading, concluded that, “The cost of mis-hires is around 25 times the base compensation for those under $100,000, and 40 times for those earning $100,000 to $250,000.”


Our goal is to locate the best fit for your position as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our recruiters invest the time in building a relationship with you. We listen carefully to your hiring concerns, needs, and pain points, then we advise you on the best course of action to meet your hiring needs.


Making a great hire involves much more than just matching a candidate’s resume to a list of duties and qualifications. We want to understand not only the duties and responsibilities of your opening, but your culture and how the new hire will make a significant impact on your organization. Our 95% retention rate shows our strong track record of recruiting candidates who make a difference for our clients. Each search starts with an extensive conversation about your needs.

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Bull’s-Eye Recruiting.

Through our bull’s-eye recruiting method we find you a candidate that’s right on target with your values and goals. Although there may be numerous profiles from a variety of companies that can adequately fill your role, why not hire someone who matches exactly what you need? Most of our clients want someone who is from a direct competitor so that they understand the ins and outs of the industry, alleviating extensive acclimation time for the new hire.


We begin our search parameters after consulting with our client on where the perfect fit for your opening is most likely to currently be employed. We focus on the delivery of a client-driven solution based on quality not quantity. Your feedback is essential to the success of the searches we conduct. Here is an example of how we normally formulate our search parameters:

  • Bull’s-eye: The candidate will likely be from a direct competitor with a skill set and goals that match or exceed your criteria. If there are enough competitor companies locally, we will start with that group to help you avoid costly relocation expenses
  • Ring 1: Is a candidate from a related company within the region whose skill set and goals match or exceed your criteria.
  • Ring 2: Is a candidate from a related company or industry whose skill set and goals match your criteria.
  • Ring 3: Candidates may need relocation assistance or be from industries that are not direct competitors but may have similar processes, attributes, or are culturally similar to your organization.

Once suitable candidates are presented, we act as a liaison between you and the candidates throughout the entire interview process. After each interview we will debrief both the client and candidate and establish next steps in the process. We believe that the extension of an offer, if done properly, should have no surprises and be the beginning of a long career for the candidate within your company. Our expert recruiters work closely with you to assure that when you extend an offer, it is accepted.

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