Manufacturing Recruitment

Great clients make it easy for us to help you transition into a new career. With every placement we strive for long-term satisfaction for both the client and you. We assess the factors that contribute to your job situation, such as personal career objectives, skills, and geographic needs, and only match you with opportunities that will have a positive impact on your career. We like to have several conversations with you before we even submit your information to our clients so we thoroughly understand your background and objectives. To make your career transition as smooth as possible, we continuously communicate with you to keep you updated on the steps of the hiring process and your status throughout the experience.

Our practice structure allows us to handle a high volume of quality openings from our clients across the U.S. Within our dedicated team, each recruiter specializes in a different area ensuring that they are not only familiar with the type of position our client is trying to fill, but also understand how your background will be a great fit. Additionally, several of our recruiters have technical backgrounds in the areas in which they work such as electrical, environmental, and civil engineering.

We partner with our clients to place people in almost every type of position or role that exists within a company. Most of our clients are the leaders in their respective industries. Our network continues to grow as we gain additional clientele in various manufacturing sectors. We have found career opportunities for people in the following areas:

  • Electrical & Automation Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Information Technology: Programming, DBA Administration & Development
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Supervisory & Management level positions in the manufacturing industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Inside & Outside Sales
  • Civil Engineering
  • Executive Level


Lauren Cox

Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager

(614) 458-1697  |

Lauren Cox is Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager with Zambito Search Group. She recruits in the firm’s Steel Practice where she matches candidates’ technical skills with the right clients.


As Project Manager, Lauren acts as the hub of communication between hiring authorities and candidates. She is responsible for managing about 70 hires annually for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company.


Lauren recruits in the Manufacturing and Steel Industry in Maintenance, Engineering, and Management.


She earned her BS in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University.


She joined Zambito Search Group in 2007 after spending over 20 years in electrical, controls, and automation engineering for the Automotive and Electrical Automation industries.


Her technical background informs her recruiting practice and gives her clients a powerful resource of an insider’s perspective especially when hiring for technical positions.

Todd Sharon

Vice President of the Manufacturing division
(614) 458-1154  |


Todd Sharon is Vice President of the Manufacturing division of Zambito Search Group.


He specializes in recruiting talent in all areas of manufacturing, including maintenance, production, engineering, EHS, IT, finance/accounting, HR, logistics, and supervisory/managerial roles.


He works closely with clients and candidates to find a mutual fit for both sides. Building long-lasting professional bonds is a strength of Todd’s and his passion for helping others propels his success. He skillfully manages the recruiting process from start to finish to make it as smooth as possible for everyone involved.


He earned his BS in Environmental Engineering from The Ohio State University.


Todd joined Zambito Search Group in 2008. Prior to recruiting, Todd worked for several years in engineering and sales. His strong sales background and experience in engineering made him a natural fit for recruiting in this industry.

Derek Collins

Executive Recruiter

(614) 859-1355  |

Derek Collins is an Executive Recruiter with Zambito Search Group where he specializes in recruitment for the Steel and Manufacturing industries. He also works heavily with companies in the Pre-Engineered Buildings and Deck & Joist industries.


He recruits in areas of operations, management, sales, financial, IT, and engineering. The roles he fills are: technicians, electricians, mechanics, metallurgists and detailers.


With over 10 years’ experience in Outsourcing Management and a history of successful partnerships with several of the largest Fortune 500 companies, Derek is a perfect fit for executive recruiting.


His passion for quality, client service, and relationship-building drive his success in the industry. He has a strong desire to continually improve his client’s competitive standing in the marketplace which compels him to recruit the best possible talent for his clients.


Derek joined Zambito Search Group in 2014 and is focused on recruiting for a Fortune 150 manufacturing company.

Ryan Stubbs

Executive Recruiter

(614) 859-1352  |

Ryan Stubbs is an Executive Recruiter with Zambito Search Group. He specializes in recruitment for the Steel & Manufacturing industry where he fills a variety of different roles including engineers, electricians, mechanics, technicians, and metallurgists.


Ryan earned his BA in Political Science and Government from The Ohio State University.


Prior to recruiting, Ryan worked in higher education in student services. Working closely with students on their career paths gave him valuable experience that he applies now to recruiting. He helps candidates achieve career advancement while meeting the needs of his clients who need top talent.


Ryan joined Zambito Search Group in 2018 and has ten years of prior experience in recruiting.

Read Allen

Practice Leader- Paper and Packaging Division

(614) 859-1349 |

Read Allen is the Paper and Packaging Project Lead with Zambito Search Group. He specializes in recruiting professionals for sales, manufacturing, and engineering roles throughout the packaging industry.


Prior to recruiting, Read worked as a Marketing Account Executive. He sold promotional merchandise and packaging solutions to professional sports franchises, including many NFL teams.


He earned his BA in History from Ohio Wesleyan University.

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