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Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to network and apply for jobs. Ensure you are putting your best foot forward on LinkedIn with these tips from our recruiters.

Create a Strong Headline

Your headline tells others how you see yourself and what types of roles you are interested in. This is an opportunity for you to show a little personality, but avoid buzzwords like “guru” or “ninja”.

Match Your Resume

Recruiters and hiring managers will compare your resume to your LinkedIn profile and look for your experience to line up. However, the description of your roles and duties can be different than your resume. LinkedIn is for networking with a wider audience versus a resume that should directly speak to your skills and accomplishments.

Add a Professional Photo

Including a picture conveys that you are active on the platform. When selecting a photo, remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Avoid photos with other people or pets in the photo, or distracting backgrounds like a car selfie.

Share Relevant Content

By sharing or engaging with content related to your field of work, you are able to stay current on all the changes and trends. People see that and recognize you’re invested in your industry.

Grow Your Connections

There is a certain perceived status with being well connected in your industry. If you happen to have a mutual connection in common with someone you are interviewing with, that makes for a great ice breaker.

Include an Engaging Summary

The summary of your LinkedIn profile allows you to share your experiences, what you are passionate about and what you hope to do next in your career without the space constraints of a resume.

If you are in the job market, you can expect that hiring managers and recruiters will be viewing your LinkedIn profile. These tips will ensure you are creating a professional first impression. LinkedIn is also a great place to network with those in your industry. Maintain a professional profile and presence on the site, even if you aren’t actively looking for a job right now. Those connections may prove valuable for your career growth in the future.