6 Mistakes You Are Making in Interviews and What to Do Instead

The interview is usually the deciding factor in hiring. Even if you have great experience on paper, a job offer is dependent on your ability to communicate that experience and relate it to the position during the interview. With so much on the line during an interview, let’s look at some common mistakes candidates make…

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Now that we are in the grove of the new year, you may be planning on not much changing with your career situation in 2023. You may be thinking if you like your job well enough and it pays the bill, why mess with something that is working. However, if you are feeling content or…

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The World of Recruiting: Myth vs. Fact

Recruiting myths vs. facts blog image

The world of recruiting is a complex one. The industry is clouded by recruiting myths and inaccuracies, which affect employers, professionals and recruiters themselves.   Don’t let the misconceptions stop you from working with a recruiter or beginning a rewarding career in recruiting. After all, they’re just myths that are easily dispelled. Here are four common…

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For Gen Z: Advice for Entering the Workforce

For Gen Z: Advice for entering the workforce - ZSG - business team working together

High school, college applications, moving away and years of studying (maybe a little bit of partying, too) have all led to this moment: graduation. Like countless others before you, you’re probably wondering what the future holds.  While much of it is up to you, we can help you as you navigate the next steps. Gen…

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Recruiting and Search Trends in 2022

In this competitive hiring market, staying ahead of recruiting trends can help your company hire the most qualified candidates. Learn how changes during the pandemic have affected the recruiting process and technology’s new role in hiring. Click here to read more.

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